Art Lab for All

How do we do it?

The workshops are aimed at different groups and needs. Groups work collaboratively, using and creating a variety of methods while transforming the space into a studio for drawing, photography, video, performance, music, sculpture and text.

Art Lab for All 2014-2015 (summary)

In autumn 2014, we had a pilot project VideoLab for Newcomers ( and PerformanceLab during 2015 in collaboration with Art Lab for All and RFSL. The pilot project involved 15 HBTQ- people from RFSL Newcomers (asylum seekers).

Art Lab all have extensive experience of working with gender and intercultural perspectives through projects with the feminist and anti-racist tankesmedia Interfem, including with “Recruiting the right” (antidiskriminerings / recruitment projects), “Your health, your rights” with RFSL (a project for asylum seekers women and trans / LGBT people’s right to health).
Art Lab for all the participation and accessibility for all through a creative approach that philosophy. All ages are welcome to participate (0- 100 years old).

DocuFiesta I and DocuFiesta II celebrated during the autum 2015 as an audiovisual alternative for those who are interested in Documentaries and loves to talk with the directors. We had the participation from Argentina ” La Piedra“, Uganda and Stockholm “In- visibles”, and Mexico “Por Donde Pasa el Diablo” at Solidaritetshuset.

Some of the workshops 2014/2015


latest work